They say people like to talk about themselves, but I always find it difficult to do so in this format.  It seems so impersonal.  And maybe even a little presumptive that you might like to know something about me..?  Here are the things I think you might ask if we were to have small talk, say, at a cocktail party.  Or something.

My husband and I are homeowners as of February 2011.  We fought (and fought for eight months) for our home because (like crazy people) we decided to buy a short sale.  Well, also because those were really all that was on the market.  I also have another blog where I documented our short sale buying experience.  I do not post there anymore since we closed on the house.  Be warned!  It was a very frustrating time and that virtual space was my place to vent.

We got married on June 18, 2011 in what they call an intimate ceremony in NYC.  This translates to having a small audience rather than a 200-person affair.  It also means we did not finance our future for a four-hour event.  More on this in my posts, too.  I have much to share about why we decided to have a marriage rather than a wedding.  Yea, yea, we had both…but I will tell you what our officiant told us.  Later.  I will also share lots of stories about our wedding planning experiences, and my perspective on the wedding industry in general.

  • I am a fireman’s wife.  There are unique challenges being married to someone who away from home for 24 hours every third day and running into burning buildings when everyone else is running out.
  • I love CrossFit, yoga, rock climbing, hiking, and canyoneering…and the list goes on…
  • We enjoy traveling.  Vacations for us usually involve some sort of adventure.  I will tell you all about our travels.
  • I won’t be posting about how to save money, but I do like to do it.  I avoid paying full price and I believe everything is negotiable.
  • Fun fact: I LOVE the process of buying a car.  Yep…the haggling, the games…all of it.

I’m straightforward, witty, sarcastic.  To quote my dad: “You’re a very outspoken smartass with a wicked sense of humor. It’s genetic.”   In other words, I can’t be blamed for offending you…I inherited the genes that make me this way.

Welcome to my world.

Professional Pictures by Liam


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