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What is “pre-tirement,” you say?


I make up words pretty often. My boss keeps a list.

This evening I was reading about a fellow blogger who is challenging the norm. She quit her job and decided that she did not want to wait 40 years for retirement.

So she left it all behind and moved to Bali. What?! I am impressed. Truly.

I thought I was brave but I am Not THAT brave.

This triggered a series of thoughts.

1. People wonder why hubby and I travel so much. It’s simply because we are doing it while we can. We enjoy each other. And we enjoy traveling and doing things together.
2. Hubby will be able to retire before the age of 55…as long as they don’t keep stripping the benefits for high-risk folks like firefighters. Unless I find a long lost rich uncle, I will not be retiring at that time…if ever. Isn’t that sick? So why not enjoy each other and our adventures now??
3. I need to do the things I want to do before I can be content with having children…if ever we decide on that. Don’t give me the crap about how you can still travel with kids. When we are traveling I am keenly aware of those who are traveling with kids and they seem absolutely miserable.

Although we won’t be quitting our jobs and moving to Bali, I made up a term for our lifestyle.

I am officially dubbing this time in our lives as pre-tirement.

Get it? It’s retirement…but it’s pre…before we are old and unable to enjoy life like we do now since I will never be able to retire…ah you get it…

Read The Four Hour Work Week for more about different ways thinking differently about retirement.

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I need a vacation.


Believe it or not, hubby and I have never really taken a true vacation by ourselves.  We have traveled with my family to visit my extended family, with friends for his Firefighter Combat Challenge competitions, and we have traveled by ourselves just once…and it was to tour wedding venues in Vegas, which was a whirlwind trip, worth a story later.

Our honeymoon was shorter than most (we called it a minimoon), and it was a practical one.  We’re happy we opted for a cost-effective minimoon, using perks from my mom for hotel and flights.  We enjoyed it.  But, our vacation was interrupted by a planned, whirlwind trash the dress photoshoot.  What was I thinking hiking in heels in 107 degree heat?  I wasn’t.  I thought it would be smart to kill two birds with one stone.  It was smart on most accounts, but I still wish we could have just stopped for a bit.

Before we knew it, we were on our way home and back to work.

We want to take a vacation.  A real one.

So, I’ve spent a couple days here and there searching around for vacation packages and deals.  In summary, I need a vacation from looking for a vacation!  How exhausting.

It seems everyone else’s idea of vacation is a beach.  I hate beaches.  I grew up near the beach.  I live in Florida.   I want all-inclusive sightseeing and adventure.  Turns out that’s hard to find.

And my search continues.