What is “pre-tirement,” you say?


I make up words pretty often. My boss keeps a list.

This evening I was reading about a fellow blogger who is challenging the norm. She quit her job and decided that she did not want to wait 40 years for retirement.

So she left it all behind and moved to Bali. What?! I am impressed. Truly.

I thought I was brave but I am Not THAT brave.

This triggered a series of thoughts.

1. People wonder why hubby and I travel so much. It’s simply because we are doing it while we can. We enjoy each other. And we enjoy traveling and doing things together.
2. Hubby will be able to retire before the age of 55…as long as they don’t keep stripping the benefits for high-risk folks like firefighters. Unless I find a long lost rich uncle, I will not be retiring at that time…if ever. Isn’t that sick? So why not enjoy each other and our adventures now??
3. I need to do the things I want to do before I can be content with having children…if ever we decide on that. Don’t give me the crap about how you can still travel with kids. When we are traveling I am keenly aware of those who are traveling with kids and they seem absolutely miserable.

Although we won’t be quitting our jobs and moving to Bali, I made up a term for our lifestyle.

I am officially dubbing this time in our lives as pre-tirement.

Get it? It’s retirement…but it’s pre…before we are old and unable to enjoy life like we do now since I will never be able to retire…ah you get it…

Read The Four Hour Work Week for more about different ways thinking differently about retirement.


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  1. My husband retired 7 years before I did. It actually worked out quite well.

    Congratulations on deciding to do what you want now, although I have to tell you I’ve been on bike trips with people in their 70’s and 80’s and they are having a wonderful time. Very inspiring to know that you don’t have to be decrepit, even when you get old.

    • I sure hope we are of sound mind, body, and spirit to be active geriatrics. A previous boss once told me that it isn’t the getting old part that you have to worry about…it’s the BEING old that you have to avoid. She is a Buddhist and has taught me many things about manifestation and “creating” the future that I want. I like to believe that we do have some control over quality of life. But “the man” will likely tell me when I can retire and I hate that. LOL! Have you seen my rich uncle? I seem to have lost him. hahahaha

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