Monthly Archives: January 2013



I went rummaging through my archived posts to find my V-day post and realized it’s been a awhile  since I posted.  (Longer than I thought.)  Life has a funny way of sneaking by, doesn’t it?

I have been buried in other projects that are business-related, so my personal blogging has taken a back seat.  I have updated the bucket list, however.  Finding words isn’t as fun as scratching things off the bucket list!

Since July 2012 (when I last posted), I started a business and wrote a book with my mother.  That’s been an adventure, and it has consumed a lot of my spare time.  In other news, hubby and I went hiking in Utah and Arizona (see bucket list) and then fell into the pit that is the holiday season.  I mean…not a bad pit…an endearing one.  Can pits be endearing?  Aw, hell, the holidays are stressful…let’s be real.

Oh and my last post was about the water intrusion.  Update there: hiring a contractor was hellish, so hubby is going to do the work himself.  All except for a few things like drywall that he doesn’t like doing.  The floor is still ripped up, there are still no baseboards, there is still mildew on the walls, and it’s exactly as it was.  We’ll get there.

Writing is cathartic for me, so I will try not to let time slip away on here again.