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Finishing 2011


I didn’t intend to be away from blogging for so long but, alas, life just got in the way.  Actually, school got in the way. Time I would have spent blogging was spent completing assignments for a graduate class that I decided to take, which was my worst idea of 2011, by far.  I’m glad I got my masters when I did because life is just different now and my priorities have shifted.  I will always be in seek of new knowledge and will always have a desire to learn, but a second masters is officially out of the question.  And, I’m putting it in writing for my colleagues and friends who say otherwise, but a PhD is not happening.  Heck no.

Here’s the recap of “things” since I last posted in early October.

October was busy with Susan G. Komen race stuff and Halloween.

Halloween is my favorite holiday.  Growing up, it was always full of fun traditions like buckets of candy,  elaborate costumes, trick-or-treating, fun decorations, pumpkin carving (and roasting seeds), and shaving cream fights.

Now that we are married and settled into our house, I have decided to carry many of these traditions into our home.  For starters, it was not an option about having a bucket of candy.  I waited for a sale (BOGO) and had my coupons in tow.  I bought bags and bags of candy and I was so excited to see the looks on our new neighborhood kids’ faces when we told them my dad’s Halloween candy bucket spiel: “Use one hand a get all you can with that hand from my bucket to your bag.  What you get is yours, and if it falls on the ground it’s mine.”  OH the thrill of kids when they realize they can actualy take a handful of candy.  The learning this year was that we didn’t have a five-gallon bucket, so I had to improvise.  No fear, we are prepared for next year!

Halloween was on a Monday, and hubby was working on the Saturday when everyone was having parties.  Yes, this upset me.  The compromise was that we decided to go to an adults-only (21 and up) event at the local zoo.  It was fun, but it may have been better if we had gone with a large group.  There’s always next year.

Speaking of next year, we cashed in on a Halloween clearance and loaded up for next year.  Can’t wait to decorate in 2012!!  (pictures of our candy and pumpkin below)

We did Thanksgiving with hubby’s family, and then traveled to my family’s home to visit with folks there.  We had a great time playing with our niece.  Growing up so fast!

Fall colors are my favorite, and I love my new fall wreaths!  (pic below)

Our first Christmas as a Mr. & Mrs.  I will post more pics soon (a couple below), but we got and decorated our first ever Christmas tree (a fake one) and I decorated the house with Christmas stuff.  So fun!  And, of course, I got an “Our first Christmas” ornament.  Actually, I got two.  One that I would call “sappy” and “traditional” and the other is “fun” and “light.”

Looking forward to spending time with family and continuing Christmas traditions.

The only photo missing, below, is a pic of our pretty Christmas wreaths.  Coming soon!


Our "bucket" of candy.


Our first pumpkin! (We never carved our own while dating.)



Pretty fall wreaths!


Our first Christmas Tree! (sans topper)


I found this firefighter nutcracker and couldn't pass it up. We found the fire station at a garage sale for $7. Sweet!


Our decorated mantle.