Monthly Archives: February 2012

Spring Cleaning


Once pro football season ended, I decided spring cleaning would begin.  After all, what else am I going to do with my Sunday afternoons??

I decided I would spring clean one room/area in the house each Sunday, beginning the Sunday after Super Bowl Sunday.  The first week I vacuumed and cleaned the floors in the main living areas and got the kitchen in order.  The second week I scrubbed the bathrooms (and hubby even helped).  This weekend was the third week.  Do you want to know what I cleaned?  NOTHING.

There really wasn’t enough laundry to wash clothes.  The floors should have been vacuumed again.  The master bedroom was supposed to be my project this weekend, and somehow I lost motivation.  And there was nothing to distract me.  It was raining on Sunday…gloomy and overcast and I didn’t have anything better to do.  Why didn’t I get anything done?

Maybe I have learned that my motivation is a pretty day and it works better if I aim to finish cleaning so that I can “go outside and play?”

Goal for next Sunday: Vacuum all rooms and straighten closets.

PS: I keep thinking a Roomba will help eliminate having to vacuum so often.  Maybe I’ll find one on sale.


I need a vacation.


Believe it or not, hubby and I have never really taken a true vacation by ourselves.  We have traveled with my family to visit my extended family, with friends for his Firefighter Combat Challenge competitions, and we have traveled by ourselves just once…and it was to tour wedding venues in Vegas, which was a whirlwind trip, worth a story later.

Our honeymoon was shorter than most (we called it a minimoon), and it was a practical one.  We’re happy we opted for a cost-effective minimoon, using perks from my mom for hotel and flights.  We enjoyed it.  But, our vacation was interrupted by a planned, whirlwind trash the dress photoshoot.  What was I thinking hiking in heels in 107 degree heat?  I wasn’t.  I thought it would be smart to kill two birds with one stone.  It was smart on most accounts, but I still wish we could have just stopped for a bit.

Before we knew it, we were on our way home and back to work.

We want to take a vacation.  A real one.

So, I’ve spent a couple days here and there searching around for vacation packages and deals.  In summary, I need a vacation from looking for a vacation!  How exhausting.

It seems everyone else’s idea of vacation is a beach.  I hate beaches.  I grew up near the beach.  I live in Florida.   I want all-inclusive sightseeing and adventure.  Turns out that’s hard to find.

And my search continues.

One year later…


We closed on our house a year ago yesterday on Feb 25, 2011…after submitting the offer in June of 2011.  We learned a lot about ourselves in that eight months.  We prayed for patience, and also learned that praying for patience often leads to tests of patience. We got eight months of tests of patience! Lots of ups and downs, and lots of emotions and frustration, etc. (if you care to read my rants on my place to vent or maybe learn a few things about short sales in general, you can see my blog posts about the experience here: Reminder: this was my place to vent.  You’ve been warned.)

We looked at several other houses over the course of those eight months, and submitted offers on four other homes. Nothing worked out and our realtor was convinced this house was meant to be ours.

We can say now that it was worth it and that we are glad we waited for this house. It was meant to be ours. I dislike saying that i “love” materialistic things…but I love our house. I love that it is our home.

After buying the house, we found a piece of art that says “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”  We bought it because we believe that’s what we learned throughout our first home buying experience.