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April 25, 2009


On this day, hubby and I went on our first date.

Because I was going out on a date with someone I met online, I notified friends and family.  I mean…you never know.  Ya know?  (Truth be told, I always notified someone when I was going out on a date, period.  But this was my first time going out with someone I met online.)

I my aunt sent me a text that said something like “he’s not the Craigslist killer, is he?!”  Uhm, no.  For one, I think the Craigslist Killer lives/d in a different part of the country.  Also…I wasn’t going on Craigslist to find dates.  😉

Hubby picked me up.  This wasn’t my smartest move because had it not gone well he would know where I lived.  Note to single ladies: drive yourself and meet at a common place when dating someone you meet online.  Although it was out of character for me to let my guard down and allow him to know where I lived at that point, I had a feeling he was trustworthy so I went with it.   I guess I figured that, based on our conversations, this was certainly not going to be my worst first date.  haha  I got the impression that he was a pretty decent guy.

He picked me up around 1pm, and when he pulled up I wondered if the guy in the black Dodge Ram would look like the same guy in the pictures online.  I know he was thinking the same thing about me.  I saw him…and…yes.  He was (and still is) handsome.  Sparkling blue eyes.  Blonde hair.  Groomed.  Shaved facial hair (that’s important to me).  Clean, strong hands (also important to me).  Muscular.  Lean.  A climber.   Athletic.  (Let me stop.  lol)

The best part of this date was that we had already talked about lots of things and had already discovered how much we have in common.  The advantage of online dating: you can get all the small talk out of the way before you actually meet.  Then, when you DO meet (if you meet), then you can have more meaningful conversation. 

We went mini-golfing.  I maintain that I let him win.  =D  That joker got three holes in one!  He says it was his best mini golf game and that I was (and still am) his lucky charm.

Then, we went to eat at my favorite restaurant.  We sat outside, ate, and chatted.  It was nice. 

We then went to Universal City Walk, sat by the lake, and chatted well into the night.  Our first date was about 12-hours long, and there was never a dull, awkward moment.

It was late when I got home, and when he dropped me off he was a perfect gentleman.  It was the best first date.

I knew better than to swoon, because I couldn’t allow my heart to rule over my head.  He was of the same mindset…I know this because we talked about it eventually.  🙂  When we did talk about it he quoted Proverbs 4:23: Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.  That’s my advice to single folks who are on the merry-go-round that is dating.

We were hanging out and/or chatting via text and phone calls everyday.  It. Was. Awesome.  I think within a year of dating him I sent my mom a text that said “I am going to marry this guy.”  Her reply: “And you tell me this in a text message??” 

We moved in together after four months, and we were engaged at seven months.  Three years after that first date and we are a couple of months from our one-year wedding anniversary. 

We’ve rematched that golf game every year and we’ve tied.  I maintain that it’s because I won’t let him win again.  🙂