The War with Water


Water must be enemy #1 for homeowners, and we are learning a lot about it.  So far, we have had three incidents involving water, and I sincerely hope we are all spent on these sorts of issues:

1. Flooding of unknown origin in the backyard, which was assumed to be the result of a clogged drain, wound up being a busted sprinkler line.  Hello, $1800 water bill.

Hubby dug a giant hole to fix the sprinkler line.

2. A few days ago, I posted a picture of a lightswitch that sprung a leak.  This comes after an electrical outlet was leaking water a few months ago.  Leaking might be an overstatement, as it was just sort of “weeping” water.

Mildew on the lightswitch.

Corrosion on the connections for the switch

If you follow the wires up into the wall, you can feel water on them. This is hubby’s finger with water on it after reaching into the wall.

3. Today, we had an issue with a sprinkler actually leaking into the house!  The water came in under the door, and ran around the corner into the pool room.  From there, it leaked through the wall and into the garage…then down the driveway.

Leakage into the pool room. Hard to see, but about 1/4 inch standing water, running along the baseboards and about 2-3 feet from the wall.

Water and baseboards don’t get along. Here, they are popping off.  I pulled off the quarter-rounds to prevent further wicking into the walls and other areas.  Also thought it would help with circulation of air to wet areas.  Hubby is going to look under the baseboards and laminate tomorrow to assess damage.


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