Murphy’s Law


This law applies to firefighter’s wives when their husbands are on shift.  If anything can happen, it will.  When he’s home nothing goes wrong.

Things that have happened while hubby was on shift:

  • Cat breaks leg
  • Car gets flat tire
  • Outlet leaks water
  • Lightswitch leaks water
  • Cat eats toy(s), diagnosed with PICA, eventually throws up said toys four days later
  • Cat goes into shock after annual shots
  • Sprinkler explodes, flooding front of house (interior)
  • Undefined light comes on in dashboard in car
  • Signatures for refinance are required
  • I get sick

And there are many others.

I am so grateful that he is in a profession where he helps others, and it feeds his adrenaline junkie nature.  And I would by lying if I didn’t admit that I wish people would just stop setting things on fire and having heart attacks when shit happens at our house and I need him.

Ah, well.  C’est la vie.


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