Day One: Our Adventure Begins


Today marks three years since hubby and I met.  Not many people know this story.  Here it is!

For starters, we met online.  So, before I go on with our story…a word or two about online dating.

More and more people are turning to online dating after unsuccessful “traditional” approaches.  As far as us…we were in our late twenties, and going bar-hopping was no longer appealing.  I, for one, was tired of the dating game.  I had become a serial dater.  I was tired of games.  Online dating can eliminate all the games and nonsense involved with dating.  If all parties are honest and forth-coming, online dating can be amazing when you meet someone special.  Also…I hate doing things “because they’ve always been done that way.” 

Where do people meet these days, anyway?  I mean people with careers who actually have something to lose in life.  Bars?  No thanks.  Church?  I’m indifferent.  Work?  My experiences with that were disastrous.  Online.  I think most people in their mid- to late-twenties have either tried online dating or have thought about it.  I do wish the stigmas associated with it would go away. 

I had unsuccessful experience with a couple of online dating sites, and when I saw an ad for I thought it was different.  So I signed up.  Hubby had been on for awhile, apparently, but had never met anyone he saw on there.  I had never met anyone on any of the sites I had been on.

This site was not unlike the others, but the exception was that everyone had something in common.  Fitness.  You could go there and find a dance partner or a climbing partner and make a friend.  Hubby and I were both interested in more, as indicated on our profile pages.  We discovered the site through one of the climbing gyms in the area.  They had an ad on their website.

We had rock climbing in common.  He was waaaaayy more serious about it.  At the time, I enjoyed rock climbing a lot, but I was very involved in salsa dancing (12 hrs a week).  Someday hubby and I will dance together, just as we climb and do CrossFit together.  (He introduced me to CrossFit…I’ll introduce him to dance.)  Someday.  😉

Here we are climbing sometime in 2010.

Looking back, his profile was truthful.  Honest.  Just like him.  His headline, although cheesy (sorry babe) was “Not your typical guy.”  So true.  I am reminded frequently with his actions, words, and gestures how he is not your typical guy.  I don’t remember what mine was, but I’m always as honest as the day is long.  I saw his profile and I sent him a message through the site.

That’s right.  I made the first move.  And, yes, I sent him a message the very first day I signed up for the site.  Why not.

We both ended up getting the paid membership just so we could chat through the site.  🙂 

We chatted a bit online, and then he asked me to call him.  I liked this because I didn’t necessarily want to give him my number.  So, I called him that very same day.

We made plans to meet, and they fell through due to schedule conflicts.  I think he chickened out.  🙂  Kidding.  He had a lot going on with paramedic school and working as a firefighter.

We talked via text messages and phone calls until we met in person.  It was an awesome connection.  We discovered we have loads of things in common.  It seemed natural.  It was exciting.

Four days later we went on our first date.  But that’s a story for four days from now.  =)


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