Sometimes ya just gotta go with the flow


As I said in my last post, my goal for my weekly spring cleaning project was to vacuum all rooms and straighten closets.  That didn’t happen this weekend.

Hubby sometimes starts a project and it turns into a series of rabbit trails, meaning he starts one thing and it spirals into a few other projects.  He’s also task-oriented which means he cannot walk away from something until it is finished.  He won’t walk away from it.  Other wives probably think this is great because he finishes the projects he starts; however, it causes stress when there are other things to do or when it is taking forever to finish what he started.

We ended up cleaning the garage on Sunday.

It all started innocently with a project he was working on, and it spiraled into cleaning the workbench, sweeping the floor, cleaning some tools, and putting some stuff up in the attic.

Vacuuming is now my project for this evening after the gym.  Otherwise we will be overcome by cat hair and dust.


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