Spring Cleaning


Once pro football season ended, I decided spring cleaning would begin.  After all, what else am I going to do with my Sunday afternoons??

I decided I would spring clean one room/area in the house each Sunday, beginning the Sunday after Super Bowl Sunday.  The first week I vacuumed and cleaned the floors in the main living areas and got the kitchen in order.  The second week I scrubbed the bathrooms (and hubby even helped).  This weekend was the third week.  Do you want to know what I cleaned?  NOTHING.

There really wasn’t enough laundry to wash clothes.  The floors should have been vacuumed again.  The master bedroom was supposed to be my project this weekend, and somehow I lost motivation.  And there was nothing to distract me.  It was raining on Sunday…gloomy and overcast and I didn’t have anything better to do.  Why didn’t I get anything done?

Maybe I have learned that my motivation is a pretty day and it works better if I aim to finish cleaning so that I can “go outside and play?”

Goal for next Sunday: Vacuum all rooms and straighten closets.

PS: I keep thinking a Roomba will help eliminate having to vacuum so often.  Maybe I’ll find one on sale.


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