A new faucet!


It’s worth noting that once you’re a homeowner you get excited over strange things.  Last weekend we went to the home improvement store to replace a shower head.

I had a bright idea to look at faucets for the kitchen sink while we were there.  Also worth noting how new projects are created at the home improvement store.  We needed one that would give us space because the sink is shallow.  A gooseneck was necessary and a detachable spray thingy was ideal.  Initially we each picked different ones.  Comparable, but different. 

Shopping together is never a good idea for us.  We both suffer from what I call paralysis by analysis.  We overthink these kinds of decisions. 

An hour later we left empty handed.

I wasn’t satisfied by that.  So we went to another store.  Hubby’s idea!

And we found our faucet!




After! And it came with a soap dispenser! one less thing on the counter! See what I mean? Strange things excite me now. 🙂


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  1. That is so funny. I once made my hubby exchange a porch light to Lowe’s 3 times because each one wasn’t perfect for our new house! I drove him (and Lowe’s) nuts. I thought I was going to get blacklisted for returning an item too many times!

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