Ahhh…Valentine’s Day


And so it’s almost time once again for Valentine’s Day.  In fact, this fake holiday will be upon us  just a month from yesterday.

I am not your typical girl for many reasons, but not the least of which is that I truly dislike Valentine’s Day.  This isn’t something new for me.  I have always disliked it, so don’t go drawing assumptions that I’m fighting with hubby or that I’m damaged.

In high school, I would sit back and observe the various acts of pressured kindness…but I also observed many unnecessary fights and breakups.  A couple girlfriends and I would roll our eyes at the drama that unfolded, and that night we rented horror films like Carrie, The Craft, and Heathers.  You know, movies with chicks who just don’t care…some with a lot of chicks dying.  It’s just what we did.

People always thought I didn’t like V-day because I was single, and you might be wondering why I don’t like it when I have a husband to celebrate with (by the way, WHAT exactly do you celebrate??).  The assumptions about my being single and bitter couldn’t have been more wrong.  In fact, I was a serial dater for awhile and…I have always asked boyfriends that they not observe the day.  At least not with me.  I don’t care what they buy their moms and sisters…but leave me out of it.  Here’s why…

I believe if you love someone you should tell/show them everyday of the year. And really…how is it “special” if everyone else on Earth is going to dinner and movies for the exact same reason on the exact same day? If you want to wait in lines and deal with crowds…go to Disney World in July.

So, ladies, don’t get all dramatic and start fights. If you have expectations for V-day then tell your guy.  TODAY.  Don’t expect him to read your mind and then get all mad when he “fails” to do so.   Communication works wonders.  And it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you if he doesn’t shower you with gifts now or any other time of the year.

And it isn’t a competition of love.  If your girlfriend gets something better from her guy it doesn’t mean she’s loved more than you are.  You want roses?  They’re expensive!  And they cost three times more to get them on V-day.  What a racket.  Way, WAY too much pressure on guys (and their wallets) this time of year.  Keep it simple.

Why not pick a different day and  make it special?  Why not create a special day that doesn’t involve crowds at restaurants, lines at movie theaters, and price-gouged candy?  My parents, for example, celebrate Friday the 13th.  It’s special because it’s unusual and it doesn’t happen very often.  There’s no pressure to measure up to what others are doing or rush for reservations.  The simplicity of it is awesome.

You want to know what the best part of Valentine’s Day is?  The day afterwards!  Duh…super sales on candy!

I have had two cards like this for as long as I can remember. Even when I bought them I didn't know what I would do with them. But I love them. The V-day heart is actually a button that you can wear. lol!


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