Friday the 13th


I’ve really been slacking on counting my/our blessings.  The thing that I didn’t mention is that I don’t want to include too many materialistic things, so it has required me to step back…which is good.

Today is Friday the 13th.  Most see this day as bad luck or spooky, but in my family it has always been considered lucky…the number 13, in general as well.  My parents always seem to celebrate Friday 13 more than anniversaries.  My dad usually brings home 13 roses for my mom.

This day brings a lot to my mind so I decided to put thoughts here and count blessings accordingly.

In 2009, it was on. Friday the 13th in November when my brother and sister-in-law told everyone they were having a baby.  That phone call was awesome.  Here we are just over 2 years later and I can’t even explain how fantastic my niece is.  She is a blessing to my bro and sis and to our whole family.  She is beautiful, smart, and funny.

I am also blessed that my brother has an amazing woman with whom to raise my niece.  I couldn’t ask for a better older bro and sis in law.

Later, I learner that on that very same Friday the 13th in 2009 that hubby had asked my parents’ permission to propose.  I am blessed to have a man who isn’t afraid to do the right thing…who took the effort (and maybe some courage?) to call my parents and speak to them about marrying me.  I have no idea what was said during those calls, but I do know I am glad he took that formality.

I’m blessed to have parents who probably would have told hubby no if they thought he was not the right guy for me.  And I think they probably were honest with him and may have even asked questions and offered advice.


I tried calling my mom on the evening of Friday the 13th (now yesterday) and I got her voicemail.  I hung up and said to hubby “I bet they are out to dinner.”  He asked why they would be out to dinner and I said “Because it’s Friday the 13th, of course.”  This blew him away and he said “Really?  It’s that special to them?”  And I said yes.  He asked why it’s so special, and I was surprised to realize that I really have no idea.  I couldn’t explain.  “It just is.”

I think it’s awesome that my parents have gone against the grain and have created another reason to have a special day or special memories.  Everyone has birthdays.  Everyone has anniversaries.  How many people celebrate an odd day like Friday the 13th?

I called my mom today and found out that they did, in fact, go to dinner.  J  Of course they did.  I told her about my conversation with hubby and we laughed.

It also causes me to reflect and realize that I am blessed that my parents still like each other enough to  go to dinner.  I also realized that this may be one of the first Friday the 13th’s that they have been able to celebrate since being on rough financial grounds.  What a blessing employment can be!

Who knew Friday the 13th could cause so much reflection??


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