I love a warm fire.


Blessing #4: We have a fireplace!

Two years ago we lived in a rinky townhouse that had no heat.  And wouldn’t you know it snowed in Florida that year?!

We were actually out looking at venues for our wedding in the snow in Florida that year.  We visited two locations and both were shocked that we actually showed for our appointments.  A few snow flurries, and we Floridians didn’t know quite what to do.  Snow day??  Although it was cool to see snow, and a learning experience to scrape off ice with a credit card (and in Florida!) we were miserable most days – indoors or out.  It was 50 degrees inside because we had no heat in that rinky townhouse.  To some folks up north, 50 degrees is no big deal.  But, to this Florida girl that’s freezing!  (Being honest, anything below 70 and I’m shivering.)   And I counted everyday we spent with weather below the 40s, and there were 90 of them.  It started the day we left for Christmas vacation and it lasted until three months later in mid-March.

The following winter (last year, and still in the same townhouse) it was cold yet again.  Two winters of unseasonably cold winter in the Sunshine State.  This time it was especially frustrating because we had an offer on a home with a fireplace.  Our dream home.  We shivered through that winter hoping we would soon be owners of a home with a warm fireplace and maybe central heat!

Alas, the home is now ours.  We didn’t get the home in time to use the fireplace that winter.  We got it in late February and of course the cold snap didn’t last as long that year!

This winter we burned a fire in the fireplace the first night it was below 50 degrees outside.  Why?  Because we could.

Last night we had our coldest night in about a year, complete with a hard freeze.  I came home from work and immediately lit the fire.  Hubby was at work, but I enjoyed the hell out of that fireplace.  It is truly a blessing to have warmth during a cold winter night.



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