Blessings: One, Two, Three…


I have seen several ideas for a-blog-day for the new year.  Photos, recipes, you name it.  But, I think I will count blessings.  I think I need to do that more often because my world moves so quickly I often lose sight of things.  Social media can be a downer with everyone filtering only the good news and it sometimes feels like we live in a never-ending pissing contest.  Of course we all tend to want what we don’t or can’t have so it can be easy to turn green thanks to social media.  I decided I need to reflect more on the many blessings in my life.  In our life.

Since it is January 3rd, I am in debt three blessings.  But, reflecting, I realize we have three families between the two of us…and we are blessed three times over.  Sure, hubby might feel differently about his parents divorcing and remarrying as a blessing…but I see that we are blessed with that much more family. 

We are blessed with three sets of parents, siblings, and all that comes with family…but more of it.  Good, bad, ugly, or indifferent I think family is a blessing.  Times three.


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