Here comes the bride


My mom wasn’t always 100% happy with the fact that I decided to do things so non-traditionally.  One of the things she didn’t like was that I wasn’t going to have the bridal march (here comes the bride) playing as I walked down the aisle.

But in Central Park you cannot have amplified sound without a special permit.  So, I decided we would go without.  Besides it was a simple ceremony.

On the day of the wedding as my parents were walking me to hubby for the first look, my sis-in-las stopped us to tell us that there was a guy playing a guitar and that she had asked him to play the bridal march when he saw me approaching.  (Because we didn’t have an aisle, we opted for first look photos.  My parents walked me to him and his dad, and then we all walked to the ceremony site which was nearby.)

As my parents were walking me to him, the guy witht he guitar stopped mid-song to begin the bridal march.  And all 100-150 people who were watching him begin to sing along.  It was a pretty neat experience.  I”m not one to want to be the center of attention like that, especially since we wanted our wedding to be inimate.  But, I’m glad my sis-in-law did that.  And it made my mom happy.

And really…that’s the best part of it.


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