What’s in a name?


Two weeks ago, I was at the Social Security Administration changing my last name.  It’s legal immediately after the marriage license, but there is much to do to make it official.  The SS Admin office was the first of many steps involved. 

Today I went to the DMV (oh joy) to change my license.  Got a new picture and everything.  Then, I went to the bank to change my name on our accounts.  And the highlight was that neither of these lil adventures was stressful or took very long.  Nope, not even the DMV.  I also called the property appraiser and left a voice mail…and who knows if the mailbox was even for the right person.  I want my new name associated with our home.  Not sure what this will require.  We’ll see!

While we’re on the topic of names I thought I might explain the name of the blog.  Our ceremony and our vows were customized by our officiant, who has an amazing gift for words I might add.  With the exception of the few things my mother requested, our wedding was completely non-traditional.  I requested that we incorporate my engagement ring into the vows because I see it as a symbol of all of the reason we decided to enter into marriage in the first place.  To me, too many people forget about life and love before marriage.  My engagement ring serves as a reminder of life, love, and (as our officiant put it) our precious adventures that paved the way to our wedding day.  Here’s to many precious adventures as we begin our life as a married couple.


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